The Proving Ground

Growing from a rich history and pedigree in development and testing, KF Kambeitz Farms is eager at the prospect of working in partnership with qualified, collaborative, and cooperative organizations ranging from:

  1. Equipment manufacturers and developers,
  2. Crop input developers,
  3. Genetic and boutique seed developers,
  4. Fertilizer and crop protection input manufacturers and distributors.

By incorporating current technological advancements in agriculture, and helping to develop new advancements in the field of agribusiness, the KF Agri-Innovation Centre is suited to become a relevant “proving ground” for Canadian dry land agriculture. Our lands incorporate a large array of different soil types and topography, ranging from sandy loam to black wooded soils to heavy land clay. We are able to grow an incredible variety of crops within these soils creating an excellent environment to test the operating limits of today’s modern equipment. The Agri-Innovation Partnerships are qualified and selected on a non-competitive basis to ensure that a working, confidential, non-conflicted, collaborative and cooperative partnership will be a benefit to all parties. The proving ground allows full access utilization and cooperation to perform live R&D field-testing and evaluations during the growing season and the equipment duty cycle. Interactive involvement is a success marker; at the KF Agri-Innovation Centre we encourage promotional and sales activities such as field tours and equipment demonstrations. We are excited at the prospects of helping to define products utilizing practical experience and hands-on evaluation techniques.



"Today, the KF Agri-Innovation Centre serves as a nucleus for evaluation, testing and product improvement operations."
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