Lionel Kambeitz

A serial entrepreneur. An international business developer. A family man. A farmer.

A veteran Canadian entrepreneur and international business developer, Lionel Kambeitz has more than three decades of experience in sectors including agriculture, manufacturing, and energy, with a cross sectional focus on sustainability.

After continuing the family tradition of working in agriculture, Lionel turned his attention to manufacturing, environmental services, food, and beverage services, recyclable energy, and solar power.. In all his work, Lionel retains a focus on sustainability.

He currently serves as executive chairman for eight major firms. His most recent endeavor is Above Food Corp, which he co-founded in 2017. A plant-based protein company, Above Food cultivates, grows, and distributes nutrient-rich products. Lionel and his co-founders created Above Food as a vertically integrated company that empowers consumers to understand their food’s journey “from seed-to-fork.”

Lionel has led multiple private companies in both the US and Canada, as well as several public companies in Canada, including many food companies using his family name. They include: the KF Group of Companies, KF Kambeitz Farms Inc., Kambeitz Agri Inc., KF Aggregates Recycling Inc., KF Solar Electric, KF Homestead Properties Inc., and KF Rail Ports Corp.

Lionel’s passion for healthy, delicious food began when he was still a child growing up around the agricultural industry — the Kambeitz business for generations.

His focus on sustainability led Lionel to found Delta CleanTech Inc., a 15-year ESG-driven, recognized global technology leader in CO2 Capture, Decarbonization of Energy, Solvent & Glycol Reclamation, Blue Hydrogen Production, and Carbon Credit Aggregation and Management. Delta continues to provide solutions to clients all over the world in sequestering, capturing, and reducing CO2.  An important wholly owned subsidiary of Delta is Carbon RX Inc. (“Carbon RX”) which was founded in 2006 and is a historic North American leader in the origination, validation, and streaming of voluntary Carbon Credits. Lionel hopes his efforts at Delta help address the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) needs of businesses.

Outside of his entrepreneurship endeavors, Lionel Kambeitz spends time with his family, especially his grandchildren.

He enjoys exploring the fields of his family’s 70,000-acre, fifth-generation family farm that dates back to the 19th century, located outside of Regina, Saskatchewan.