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The People of Kambeitz Farms

Kambeitz Farms employs people of differing backgrounds in numerous capacities. Whether operating farm equipment, in administration or helping to develop world class production equipment, KF is dedicated to offering a safe and desirable environment to all our staff.

Opportunities at Kambeitz Farms

We encourage all qualified individuals to contact us for information regarding future opportunities to participate in the continued growth of Kambeitz Farms. Please contact us at jason@KF1899.com.

Top Farm Manager

Kambeitz Farms operates with a prescribed set of protocols. These protocols cover the areas and elements of sustainable and profitable farm management that we consider top priority at Kambeitz Farms. KF supports the empowerment of our people through the development and training of the human resources required, utilizing our Top Manager Training Program. The program lays out, in a very formal way - training and career development experiences that are required to be a KF Top Farm Manager at Kambeitz Farms.


KF is dedicated to the utilization of professional agrologists to analyze soil science and provide guidance to optimal genetic selection, fertilizer selection/application, rotational cropping strategies and chemical selection/application for weed and pest control and disease protection.


Kambeitz Farms employs an ongoing safety program throughout the year that all employees and on-site people must adopt and adhere to. This involves ongoing safety training, workshops and on-site code of conduct provisions. KF is committed to following all federal and provincial regulations pertaining to the safety of our people, our clients and the communities surrounding our operations.

"All Hands on Deck"

With 70,000 acres to cover, the spring seeding and fall harvest encompass our busiest and most exciting periods. Collectively, these two busy times in the year are considered to be the periods of “all hands on deck.” When the spring seeding and fall harvesting efforts are underway, all hands must contribute to both getting seed in the ground and valuable grain harvested. That is where our teams in both the farming operations and agri-innovation centre come together for a collective goal – the farm team leads by experience in the fields, while the agri-innovation team captures real-time data and operating experience information based on the equipment’s productivity and usability. It is here that the cycle of agribusiness comes into perspective, and our ‘hybrid of agri-innovation’ becomes a hive of activity. This widespread integration provides for cross-spectrum effectiveness and enhances the efficacy of both our farming and agri-innovation operations teams.
Jordan Kambeitz

President & CEO

Jason Maher

Vice President

Jason Holland

Farm Manager

Trevor Russel

Farm Foreman



"Today, the KF Agri-Innovation Centre serves as a nucleus for evaluation, testing and product improvement operations."
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