Identity Preserved Food

At Kambeitz Farms all growing efforts are focused on producing the highest quality crops. Through extensive research, we identify and utilize superior varieties and crop protection inputs together with the most innovative farming techniques and equipment to deliver our quality products meeting the highest food safety requirements. Thus, preserving the identity of our products is a priority beginning with recording all agronomic data on these high value crops.

Identity Preserved logistics ensures that the unique characteristics and quality produced in the field are enjoyed and recognized on the tables of the world. It is through our KFii (Identity Integrity) transportation network from truck, to rail, to port, to sea, we can ensure the integrity and purity of the quality products we grow reach their destination with:

  • careful attention to the elimination of product degradation due to handling,
  • assurance that products have KFii (Identity Integrity) throughout the transportation and handling value chain,
  • a commitment to the highest standards of product cleanliness and food safety.

The desire for Identity Preserved Food is growing globally with significant increased demand from China, Korea, Japan and many European countries.

KF's Global Food - Identity Preserved

Some of the challenges agribusiness faces include a growing global population and decreasing amount of arable land. These factors make KF’s contributions to the global food table increasingly important with each passing day.

KF’s business model directly supports the food sector, and KF approaches the ongoing demand for increasing yield and efficient delivery to market.

KF strives to stay on the cutting edge of technology and only deploys leading innovations in crop production. With this focus on innovation, KF can work diligently to grow Canada’s finest quality grains so they can be effectively distributed across the globe.



"Today, the KF Agri-Innovation Centre serves as a nucleus for evaluation, testing and product improvement operations."
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