KF’S Eco-Friendly Approach To Innovation

Kambeitz Farms continually strives to sustain meaningful environmental stewardship on the land it owns and operates. KF implements the most environmentally and regeneratively sustainable practices utilizing soil conservation/no till techniques that also do not disturb surrounding natural habitats and still offer a progressive approach to farming our premium land. At Kambeitz Farms, we believe that environmental stewardship incorporates both environmental and economic accountability. Innovation is a distinguishing characteristic of our farm, and by utilizing that, we accept the obligation to incorporate a healthy economic,  environmental, and regenerative balance with our farming industry. Provision of our KF quality grains is of high priority and careful attention will continue to be paid to our 'safety' and our 'environmental footprint.'

KF’S Smarter And Smaller Carbon Footprint

At KF, we view eco-friendly practices with a long-term sustainable outlook. This vision drives our equipment purchasing, operating protocols and strategic thinking.

When choosing new equipment to grow farming operations, we chose to buy our equipment eco-smart. Our equipment is large scale - but our fuel bill (and therefor our carbon footprint per acre seeded) is smaller than industry standard. Kambeitz Farms researches every new equipment purchase to ensure we are reducing our carbon footprint. The CR9090 Elevation model combines the KF operates are new, state of the art, fuel efficient, record breaking, high production combines. The T9.670 tractors are efficiency leaders using a DEF fuel additive to burn cleaner as they pull larger equipment, such as our 90-foot SeedMaster air drills.

By operating advanced, fuel efficient equipment, KF can efficiently maintain larger crops in less time, making less passes, and less trips back and forth with necessary support vehicles, thus reducing environmental degradation, and further enhancing our agricultural productivity.

Some Of The Environmentally Friendly Choices That KF Makes

KF operates with a commitment to the following practices:

  • optimizing land productivity through advanced seeding and harvesting practices,
  • usage of specially selected crop inputs to reduce environmental harm,
  • helping to develop new, innovative equipment and practices,
  • reducing carbon footprint through usage of class-leading efficient equipment,
  • providing our people with a safe and environmentally safe work environment, and quality resources,
  • the development of a culture of environmental stewardship.


"Today, the KF Agri-Innovation Centre serves as a nucleus for evaluation, testing and product improvement operations."
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