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Founded in 1899, Kambeitz Farms is a 5th generation
farming operation founded on the site of the present
day Sedley, Saskatchewan farm yard site. The farm has
undergone inter-generational changes of ownership
and management, and today has emerged as a
recognized leader in modern Canadian agribusiness.
Since 1979, Kambeitz Farms has provided a fertile
environment for the development and evaluation of the
world’s most innovative dry land farming equipment.
Today, Kambeitz Farms is a 70,000 acre farming
operation with lands located in a 50 km vicinity of East
and South East Regina.

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KF is headquartered at Port Lajord in the heart of Western Canada’s grain belt. The new homestead is 15 minutes Southeast of Saskatchewan’s Capital City of Regina and includes a large scale handling facility of automated grain storage along with a 40,000 tons of  fertilizer storage including a state-of-the-art blending facility. With 26,000 feet of newly developed rail siding KF has direct access to international markets via the Stewart Southern Railway.
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KF Crops

  • Canadian wheat accounts for approximately 15 per cent of all international wheat sales.
  • Sold to over 70 countries worldwide.
  • Canada places second worldwide in terms of wheat exports by volume. Second only to the United States of America.
  • Canada exports approximately 18 million tons of wheat annually.
  • Wheat is commonly used to make baked breads and flat breads.
  • Wheat can also be used to produce livestock feed and bio-fuels.
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"Today, the KF Agri-Innovation Centre serves as a nucleus for evaluation, testing and product improvement operations."
Kambeitz Farms Drone Footage
Kambeitz Farms & The Seeds of Life Series
Seeds of Life Series: Generations

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